I've always wanted to eat glass with you again...
No lollygaggin'

I know what you did last reblog.

I decided to give ArcheAge a try, and while it might be average and an old game, only now translated to the western players, it’s quite fun.

Sadly it’s a bit limited for those who are playing for free, but you get what you paid for, right? You can’t have a house or a protected farmland if you are not subscribing [called patron], or acquired the patron status by purchasing a cash item, which can be found in the auction houses of the game, or bought from players.

One of the things that called my attention were the small cutscenes with awesome art that are shown inbetween the main storyline quests.
Yeah, the game actually has an interesting storyline, in my opinion.

I have barely started a Firran, and leveled a Nuian up to level 31, playing with my brother in the Melisara server. We’ll try some trading missions or perhaps piracy soon, but I have a feeling things might not go too well, heh.


yey Alv!

Wow, she looks so classy! That’s lovely.

Hair testing with Alvhilde 



KS Hairdos new hairs are a good excuse to make some shots in the suite!

I love her caplet! Where is it from?

It’s quite lovely! All the clothes and location are from Halo’s site. The clothes can be found under this link, for the UNPCM body.

I've seen your female werewolf follower before. She looks different! Any chance for an update? ;-)

I am going to make a new version with the hair I’m using mostly, I said I would try it during my travel, but I didn’t get to it. Maybe soon! These hairs in the latest shots make her look very different, so it’s not canon :P

KS Hairdos new hairs are a good excuse to make some shots in the suite!

vanilkaplays said: So Nintendo has finally become Nintendon’t, huh?

I guess they have made some weird choices about Poke Y/X… I’m hoping they make it work properly in the future. But the whole Pokemon Global Link business makes me wonder.

@naked-mahariel said: Nintendo had that system with Animal Crossing that was REALLY helpful, but I don’t even know if it was set up to work with other games

Which system do you mean? Sorry, I’m a big Nintendo noob.

After creating three profiles in different sites, I managed to salvage one of the photos from the game.
Geez, Nintendo. Good job making it super hard to take a freaking screenshot of the game. The quality is wonderful, too.

Oh no, the shorts madness is back.

Yay for no way to make proper screenshots!

I’ve been hearing the Great Kiskadees singing all day around my house. One of them landed very close to balcony’s door in my room, but I couldn’t take a picture then.

This time I was lucky and managed to make a few! I love these birds. We call them “Bem-te-vi” in Brazil, because of the sound they make when they sing.

It may not mean a lot to someone else, but I’m happy I caught it in picture, there’s even something in its beak. Perhaps they are making nests?

Meet Rado Dechamberre. He is my character during the 14 days trials of Final Fantasy XIV. I quite like the game, but I don’t know if it’s enough to make me want to subscribe.

I guess having the game as a chore, an obligation to play, or else the money will be wasted takes away the fun of the game for me. Perhaps sometime I will feel like trying it for a month, but I don’t know… If only it wasn’t necessary to subscribe… I’d play it casually without worries.

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