I've always wanted to eat glass with you again...
No lollygaggin'

I know what you did last reblog.


Alvhilde appreciation photoset as I’ve just updated her for myself and am crushing over her. Like really bad.

Hnnngh those bedroom eyes. These are the most beautiful shots I’ve seen of hers. Thank you for making them, darling.


My latest autosave. I… have no rational explanation for this.

Autosave is always catching the best moments.

Sleepyheads. (With captions!)

Is that Steven Seagal? This game cracks me up. When it’s not being deep as hell… Loving the remake.

Hey, is there a newer version of Alvhilde somewhere? Just because the nexus file is more than a year old now and she looks a bit different than on your screenshots.

Hello!I haven’t made a newer version for the Nexus yet.
I tweaked her a lot since then in my game but had some problems when trying to update her face in the follower version.


Thank you all for your continued support of Mica: Apoptosis! In light of the demo release day coming closer, I’ve decided to host a small giveaway for one or two followers to get a small OC appearance in the game. :)

Here’s what you will get:

  • A custom sprite made for your character
  • Your character will have a small cameo role in the game that we can discuss later on
  • You will most likely show up as a maid or butler in the castle, but suggestions are very welcome!

To join, all you have to do is simply:

  • Follow this blog! Since this giveaway is made for followers, that’s kind of the point :P
  • Reblog this post so I can add your name to the list~

Deadline is the 31st of July, 2014Thank you all for your interest and support! 

Ooh interesting, good luck everyone!

To anyone who doesn’t know what the hell Mica: Apoptosis is, it’s quite an interesting game, check it out. I have played the demo up to the end of Prologue so far, and it looks very promising.



shadowofdrox said: The high poly hands are really awesome, I’ve copied them into every armor I regularly use.

Oh… Ohh… OHH! I’ve never thought of that! That’s a cool idea.

kestrix reblogged this from vanilkaplays and added: Have I mentioned I love your girl?

I know that’s probably a rhetorical question but… I’m happy to hear it. :)

eatglasswithyouagain said: I heard nord werewolf girls are great to wash blood off. She should employ the services of one :P

You don’t say… (¬‿¬)


"Alvhilde… that… tickles!"

Oh my… Okay. It’s stray’s turn now.

From the series of games I love and will probably never finish since I keep switching them around console versions… Persona 2 - Innocent Sin for PSP.


So, I’ve browsed through dozens of ENBs in the past two days and haven’t been successful in finding something I’d like. There are many wonderful ENBs out there but… I guess I’m too picky or something. I like warm colours, rich shadows, and reasonable bloom. Nothing too fancy. Then I found Snapdragon ENB which looks absolutely stunning and I’m so in love with it, but for reasons unknown to me it just looks completely different in my game. Crazy bloom all over the place.



I’m not saying that’s necessarily bad. Just that it’s not what I was looking for. I must be messing up something really bad because it looks nothing like the author’s screenshots. I guess I’m going to learn really fast how to fix/tweak it or going back to Jasmin.

That is a great question, does anyone know why that happens? I often have the same problem, though I don’t think the reasons are the same as hers. My graphic card is pretty weak for these fancy things, heh.

Can’t escape the inner beast.

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