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Breath of Fire II, SNES.

Ahh I loved that game!
Praise St. Eva.

Some screenshots of The Sorcerer’s Tower, part of a mod from Steam Workshop.

I confess I was quite worried about downloading it from there, perhaps because I am used to the Nexus and the Mod Manager, and I heard bad things about the way the workshop handles files.

It seems it only updates them if you open the game’s launcher, which I rarely do. I’ll have to see what happens when removing the mod, but everything seems just fine so far, and the series of mods by the same author are quite lore friendly and added nicely into the land, with voice actors and everything.

Give it a try if you are looking for new quests to spice up the game’s experience.



Halo Poser 1.0 is released, awww yisss :D

Halo’s poser is so powerful that the dagger went straight through Ancano’s little magic bubble

Heheh, that sounds accurate about the poser’s powerfulness, but that is actually a magical barrier in the Sorcerer’s Tower, found on Steam Workshop as An Elder Scrolls Collection mod.

"You start running so I can stab you in the back.", he said.

Meanwhile, near Riverwood…


Magus - Chrono Trigger - SquareSoft, SNES, 1995.



Watching this cute video can help raise money for other cute dogs. Seems like a good deal to me!

make this viral

Some cuteness, for a change.

After wandering the Reach as a werewolf during so many full moon nights, she was slowly turning feral.

That is, until she caught a familiar scent in the air, belonging to the only one that could bring her back to a clear state of mind, Hircine won’t claim her soul completely just yet.

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