I've always wanted to eat glass with you again...
No lollygaggin'

I know what you did last reblog.

Meet Rado Dechamberre. He is my character during the 14 days trials of Final Fantasy XIV. I quite like the game, but I don’t know if it’s enough to make me want to subscribe.

I guess having the game as a chore, an obligation to play, or else the money will be wasted takes away the fun of the game for me. Perhaps sometime I will feel like trying it for a month, but I don’t know… If only it wasn’t necessary to subscribe… I’d play it casually without worries.


eatglasswithyouagain said: I am very proud of you! :D Never doubt you can fix all these crap, we should control our computers, not the other way around.

shadowofdrox said: Awesome! That’s great news that you’ve got it up and running again!

curaja-caster said: that’s awesome! I’m so proud of you and happy everything’s working again :D

Thank you for all the support! And most importantly, many thanks for everybody’s patience while I was venting the stress here.

I’m going to format the computer anyway. It was about time to clean it and reinstall some of my games. But thanks to all this mess, I could make sure all of my data is safely stored on the HDD and I also made presets of my Skyrim characters yesterday, so everything should be fine now.

wanakoworks said: *facedeskfacedesk* i knew i forgot to tell you something about sfc /scannow. i’m so sorry. D:

But… but… Wanako-senpai, I’ve learnt a lot of stuff.

wanakoworks said: well true. that’s always a good thing. Like Alex said, I’m proud as well for fixing that. you did very well! *pats head* :D

Do you mean me or greyblood?



Trying to make drows actually look like drows in my Underdark game.

Descriptions and everything will most likely be changed!

What game is this and where do I get it? Love me some Underdark.

Oh, nice of you to get interested. I am still working on it. I made some betrayal and mystery here and there, but I need to work on the graphics a lot.
It’s made with RPG Maker. I had a test version build, but the one I currently have is too messed up. I’ll have another one sometime if you can wait.

You can find other screenshots under the tag in my blog, though!

Trying to make drows actually look like drows in my Underdark game.

Descriptions and everything will most likely be changed!

Pokemon Fire Red Randomized - Nightmare Version

If anyone is interested, Here’s the link to the Randomized Pokémon Fire Red ROM I made. Everything should be in place when it comes to pokémon types. Everything else has been changed, except you can’t randomly find legendaries.

The starters are:

#206 - Larvitar

#007 - Squirtle

#270 - Lotad

You have the national Pokédex since the beginning, so you can register anything available in the game in there.

It’s hella hard if you start with Larvitar as I did. Good luck if you try it!

Libor! Where did you learn to talk like that?


If you ever wanted to play Skyrim its on sale on Steam right now for only 5 dollars until September 15th


Go get it! Save like 60 dollars more than I paid, heh

I had a post of the chaos somewhere, but the draft was lost in Oblivion. I tried to share the mess in the airport before the flight back home from Lisbon.

But I guess I have better things to show and talk about.
I am back after the best days ever. The Czech Republic is a wonderful place by itself. But being in the best company surely makes it much better.

These are a few of the pictures I took on the first and second day after arriving. I have much more… like… uhm… 850… ahem… and I won’t spam them all here. 

I can’t wait to be back there, and babble the few Czech words I know… but I will return with a bigger vocabulary, surely!


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