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Skyrim, Starbound, frgál, movies stuff, random games, and whatnot.

From the series of games I love and will probably never finish since I keep switching them around console versions… Persona 2 - Innocent Sin for PSP.


So, I’ve browsed through dozens of ENBs in the past two days and haven’t been successful in finding something I’d like. There are many wonderful ENBs out there but… I guess I’m too picky or something. I like warm colours, rich shadows, and reasonable bloom. Nothing too fancy. Then I found Snapdragon ENB which looks absolutely stunning and I’m so in love with it, but for reasons unknown to me it just looks completely different in my game. Crazy bloom all over the place.



I’m not saying that’s necessarily bad. Just that it’s not what I was looking for. I must be messing up something really bad because it looks nothing like the author’s screenshots. I guess I’m going to learn really fast how to fix/tweak it or going back to Jasmin.

That is a great question, does anyone know why that happens? I often have the same problem, though I don’t think the reasons are the same as hers. My graphic card is pretty weak for these fancy things, heh.

Can’t escape the inner beast.

Trying that new armor, when suddenly a wild Frostbite Spider appears. And another!

Heh, that made me think of vampires. Is that the Countess Wispracula?

Bloodvine »




Hey, I made some Bloodvine sprite, it’s simple but I hope you like it, still figuring out how to translate Florans into this style.

wahh. wouldn’t let me reply until I posted it! fuu. Anyways -

OH. MY. GOD. //chokes on drink

How could I not like this! I LOVE THIS!!1!


I’m glad you like it! I’m still learning though and it’s all thanks to the stuff I learned in http://finalbossblues.com/pixel-tutorials/

That’s a great site full of RPG maker tutorials and other kinds, if anyone is interested.

Archery Practice

vanilkaplays said: Aww, she’s so adorable. Especially her oops face. :D Good job, Cutiehilde! *sniff* They are growing so fast. One day they are are tiny and cute. The other they’re murdering bandits.

Indeed, they must consume 7Base yeast or something…
But I don’t think she can murder much more than a “giant” skeever, fishes and mushrooms at that moment in time :P

pls can has Malon lewds pls



wanakoworks said: my dash is in dire need of Malon/Stray nudes. :3

halofarm said: Err, that anon was me. I don’t remember clicking that anon button!


sheothemadone said: Somehow, you seem to get very much nude asks for your characters these, and somehow I have the feeling that wanako is that anonym anon. xP

Halp! :D


Hey anon,

that mostly depends on whether I feel inspired enough. I usually make them very randomly when I get some ideas. I usually do them for fun and, I guess I should also admit, for myself, so you get the idea. It’s very probable there will be some in the future, but I think it needs to be said that my girls will never be shown fully naked. (Don’t take me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just my personal preference.)

Until I get inspired and think of something nice, you can check out my NSFW tag which also contains plenty of Malon.

eatglasswithyouagain said: I don’t know whether it was wanako or halo, but it wasn’t me :P funny you should say that, sheo, perhaps it was you!

I’m freaking choking on my coffee, guys! xD

No, it was definitely me. I was talking to Wanako about it at the time. We discuss Malon a lot. Stray not so much, but only because she doesn’t get posted as much!

You better send her a ticket to the Aether Suite to enjoy some quality time and perhaps make those lewds then :P

http://sheothemadone.tumblr.com/post/91183946053/eatglasswithyouagain-said-you-guys-are-crushing »



eatglasswithyouagain said: "You guys" are crushing "us" heheh

I have to say, I am not a big football fan. I played it in my past, but somehow I lost the connection to it. I just get updated on the games by listening to the screams and shouts of joy from the bar in my street.


Tell me about it, that’s why I put the quotation marks. I don’t appreciate that people are setting out fireworks all the time here.

My city is a host city for the games, but gladly they are playing in another area, so I haven’t seen any tourists or crazy soccer fans, apart from the people in my street, my family and a few people on the airport when I went there last month.

I can imagine the mess there, since the games are pretty late in the evening for you guys, they are happening around 5 PM here, so it’s not all that bad.

People have decreted “holidays” whenever Brazil plays, though… so they leave earlier at work, or don’t go to work/classes at all. It’s funny to see how powerful the sport is and the huehuehue mindset is all over. I bet they’ll start breaking stuff now because Brazil has lost (hey, there are some minutes left, but the chances are very small).

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